When Widows Are Empowered Families Are Healthier
More Children Go to School
Incomes Increase
Lives Are Improved
Sustainable Solutions to End Poverty
Through Strategic Programs
That Teach How to Generate Income

The ordeal of widowhood in Kenya

  • Loss of property
  • Forced inheritance
  • Economic deprivation
  • Total loss of voice
  • Stigmatizion
  • Sickness

Our Purpose:

  • Building Faith
  • Spirituality
  • Teaching
  • Encourgaing
  • Facilitating
In most third world cultures when a man dies leaving behind a wife and his children, the widow is inherited by family members, usually from the husband’s side of the family. The treatment of these widows in many cases is less than desirable because in most instances, the widows lose all possessions and frequently are neglected or driven off by the husband’s family, who may not have sufficient means to provide for the widow and her children. Consequently, if the children are without a father or father- figure to care for them, they are considered orphaned. Wajane International Foundation thus defines a widow as a woman who has lost her husband through his death and an orphan as a child who has lost either one or both parents. Wajane International Foundation seeks to empower widows and their children according to our vision statement. Click Here to read more about our vision.
Widows Progress

Widows Progress

The meeting with this group was both emotional and heartlifting. These are widows who are not born again, but who came together as a result of their common problem-widowhood. When the group was formed in August year, a need was established to have a project to see...

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Tree planting project (Bondo Widows)

Tree planting project (Bondo Widows)

The bondo widows have started a tree nursery, where they expect to raise 50,000 seedlings, with an intention of selling at ksh. 10 to members of their community. Wajane foundation will seek to assist them in ensuring the success of their ventures by introducing...

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Empowering Widows

Empowering Widows

Coupled with tough economic times (dwindling incomes, unemployment etc) it is important that these widows are given a means of generating their own income as a way to empower them. These widows do not have a reliable source of income. Some widows are found caring for...

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