When her husband passed away, Edith of Kenya lost everything that should have come to her except her children. As if that was not bad enough, her children started dying one by one. In total, 6 of her 7 children passed away leaving Edith to take care of 7 grandchildren.

Seeing what she was going through, one of her brothers-in-law opted to accommodate her in a farm he had bought. Recently that brother-in-law passed away, and Edith was given notice to vacate because the new owners wanted their farm back. Edith had nowhere to go with her family.

Six weeks ago, Edith’s only living child was on his way to look for a new school for the grandchildren. Tragically, he was killed in a road accident, and once again Edith suffered not only severe loss but a funeral bill she could not pay. Through the kindness of friends, enough money was donated to pay the bill, and the son was laid to rest on Saturday, October 17.

Having gone to God in prayer on behalf of Edith, officers of Wajane sought help to purchase property for Edith and her grandchildren. The Lord stepped in with one of His “more than we asked or thought” moments, and a piece of land was located at the price Wajane had specified was its upper limit. But that wasn’t all. The land had a small house located on it, a house large enough that it can be lived in for now without significant upgrading.

In November, Edith and her 6 grandchildren will move into their new dwelling. The legal work has been done; Edith is the duly registered owner of the property.

After the death of her last child, Edith was left with 7 grandchildren to take care of. Two of these children are in high school with no income and no way to fend for themselves. These children will be forced to stop schooling and start working to feed both themselves and their aging grandmother. We are making an appeal through this note for help to both keep the grandchildren at school, but also to help Edith start a business that will help her have a sustainable income to take care of the grandchildren. The school fees needed for the two children in high school and those in elementary school and to help Edith start a small business is $3,000.

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