This questionnaire is designed to help evaluate the qualifications of people who want to join Wajane International Foundation for mission work in Africa (Kenya), Asia (Myanmar), or the Caribbean islands. As the introduction states, it is expected that the sending church or supporting group will use these guidelines with the candidate to determine the suitability of the candidate to serve.


There are many people who are willing to go on mission trips to work with the poor in the third world. Our focus is on Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean islands, with our current operations in Kenya and Myanmar. The need of the hour continues for people who are truly called to be community workers and teachers. We long to see people who are willing to do their best to help the poor with skills to help them break the vicious cycle of poverty.
These guides are aimed to serve as a gauge to evaluate the ideal candidate. Wajane International Foundation will limit its services to people who have been called by God to work with the poor.

Volunteer Form

  • Please supply the name, address, phone number and email address of two individuals who would give a reference about your character and integrity.

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